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My Journey

My Reiki journey started with attending a Reiki Share Circle. I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited to try something new. The room was full of practitioners and guests, and the energy was contagious! A lovely woman administered Reiki to me, and it was interesting to say the least. It started off with me not feeling anything. Then I had a quick split-second moment of tightness in my chest that scared me but quickly went away with a deep breath. When I released my breath, I received wonderful tingles on my neck and head. I do not remember if it was during the meditation or during the Reiki itself but at some point, I heard a voice in my right ear very clearly say, “I am always with you.”

I felt a strong connection with the woman running the circle, Ms. Victoria Stitzer, a Reiki Master of over 30 yrs. I thought to myself, if I am going to do this, I want to be trained by her. She then announced the same night that it was her last time doing the Circle because she was moving. So, I just put the thought of doing Reiki in the back of my head and there it stayed. Months later, I get a text from her asking if I have been receiving her newsletters and that she was in town again teaching classes and really wanted me to join her class. I had one day’s notice to get time off work. I figured if it was meant to be, it would miraculously work out. A lot of miracles came into place allowing me to be able to train fully under her tutelage, including being able to live under the same roof for a time to be mentored fully. I am truly grateful for the love, training, and support I have received, and still do, from this lovely, gifted woman.

After my first training class, I just ran with it! It was like I had done it before, and it came very natural to me. I started doing distant healing before I was trained on how to do it. Even during my classes, it was like I was always a step ahead and knew where the teaching was heading. I think it is partly due to being very psychically connected to my Master, Victoria, and that I must have been a healer in at least one past life if not many.

I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to help others using Reiki.

Victoria is the one hiding in the back! LOL

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